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Blog interviews Julian on his Astrobotic ambitions

Astrobotic Technology, Inc is one of Julian’s investments outside of iBundle, with very high hopes of winning the Lunar X Prize . Full article here

What does FaceBook Places do to you?

Facebook Places Raises concerns

Latest post over on our SocialSafe blog explains the less than ideal default privacy settings for Facebook Places. Unethical? Maybe.

Read the post in full here.

If you are looking for a Facebook back up tool and searchable diary, SocialSafe is for you.

SocialSafe Logo

Both sides of the table – Guest post on

On his post Two Way Street on, Julian discusses his experiences of securing financial backing for DAD. His is a quite unique position of being both an investor and an investee*.

If you’re looking to raise any money be sure to check it out.

*Okay I may have made that last word up .. could could you tweet it? If we get 10,000 mentions it can go in the dictionary :)

SocialSafe Post: Another Facebook Scam …

Julian’s reporting on another recent Facebook scam … the ‘official’ dislike button currently doing the rounds.

Read the post here

The power of blogging for start-ups

Julian was asked to guest post over at Social Small Biz about the power of blogging especially for new start ups. He hones in on regular, honest and relevant content, promoting your content and encouraging all of your team to get involved. It’s not always easy but is certainly what we should all be aiming for!

Here’s a link to Julian’s article on Social Small Biz.

Techcrunch post by Julian ..

Julian discusses the need for transparency and standardisation of privacy settings for all services that we trust with our personal information. Full Techcrunch article here. Guest Post: Can charities raise money using social media? (we think so!)

Raffle.itMonetising social media is something often frowned upon in the industry. Many people will tell you it’s about adding value – I couldn’t agree more, but for charities in an ideal world you’d be able to achieve both … Read more at Want&Blog and if you’re looking for a charity fundraising service ideally suited to social media be sure to check out

Starting a social enterprise ..

I got caught on the phone the other day by Krystena Petrakas, a journalist. She wanted to know about some of my experiences getting going .. Yes it was a little painful .. the interview especially ;)

Praise for .. is a highly innovative approach to charity fund raising using the web and can make a real difference to the causes involved. It’s a win-win situation for everyone as donators can also get awarded amazing prizes! – Jamie (one of’s winners)

We’re hiring …

We are currently looking for a Graduate Flex/ActionScript Developer to help develop and maintain new and existing projects. Needs to able to use a number of different technologies including W3C Standards, XML, OO Design. Training in other technical skills will be available.

If you feel this is you please submit your CV to Chris Corner. If you know someone suitable or need further information please email or call us on 01252 795392

Update: Position now filled.