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Digital Surrey Twitter Hunt – 17th August 2011

Digital Surrey Twitter Hunt – 17th August 2011

On Wednesday the monthly Digital Surrey networking event took place,  although this time no one actually knew where we were meant to be when the evening began! Thanks to a lot of hard work from the people over at Project Five, we were provided with a ‘TwitterHunt’, in order to have a bit of recreational digital fun, and also raise some money for charity.

The premise of TwitterHunt was decidedly simple – follow the hashtag #twitterhunt and clues will be tweeted giving cryptic instructions about where you needed to go, easily solved with access to Google and a sprinkling of local knowledge. At each destination there would be a letter forming part of an anagram. The first team to tweet to correct answer to the organisers would be crowned the winner.

Unfortunately no one in my team remembered to bring a sat-nav, and we all had pretty patchy 3G coverage. Sadly all of the teams were somewhat hampered by dreadful traffic due to an incident on the A3 involving a car and a pedestrian, to whom we all wish a speedy recovery.

Eventually people began to work out where the final destination (and more importantly the BBQ and liquid refreshments) was, and began to converge upon that pub. Having battled traffic, rain, tricky clues and some dubious radio station selection from my co-pilot, I finally parked my car and our team at the pub. When someone asked me if I’d had fun my response was thus: “Well put it this way. I’ve just driven for about an hour and a half with George and James in the car, doing effectively a 40-odd mile circle to end up at my local pub which is a four minute walk from my house.”

But to judge an entire event by one rather cynical blogger’s navigational misfortunes would be incredibly harsh. Despite my team’s abject failure at the task, we did have a lot of fun and as usual it was a pleasure to mingle with the familiar and also new faces that a Digital Surrey gathering generates. There are too many people to thank individually, but a couple of people deserve singling out:

Steve Coburn and the Project Five team for all of their hard work in planning the whole TwitterHunt, and also Abigail Harrison of thebluedoor for her continual work on organising these Digital Surrey events. We must also thank The Bat & Ball Freehouse for hosting our apres TwitterHunt activities and providing everyone with a sumptuous BBQ and copious amounts of fine ales and lagers! Hopefully next time the weather is better and the roads are clear!


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