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Rachel guest posts over at Because It’s Good


When it comes to the need to raise funds for charity there is an automatic assumption that to achieve big fundraising goals a large scale activity is required. However, this also requires more resources (manpower, finances, time, etc.) which is not always an option, especially for smaller charities and non-profit organisations.

With the growth of social media, there is now an effective and powerful opportunity to reach out to a wide audience to raise funds for a good cause. Even established organisations such as The Salvation Army have turned to tools such as Twitter, FriendFeed and Facebook to help others.

This growing trend towards ‘micro-fundraising’ by charities and good causes has proven highly successful. But why?

The Daily Telegraph conducted some research into the psychology of charity collections and what worked most effectively. In a secret study across Britain, donation boxes were placed at bookstore tills, each with one of four different signs: “Please give generously”, “Every penny helps”, “Every pound helps” and “You can make a difference”.

The results were clear as the boxes with the “Every penny helps” message collected the most donations. According to an Arizona State University psychologist, the reason is that many people don’t like to put a small amount of money in a donation box for fear of looking mean. The message that every penny helps legitimises the giving of even the smallest donation and actively encourages more money to be voluntarily given.

Just imagine the potential scope when this thinking is used to talk to a vast audience online. This is exactly the approach taken by new enterprise Ploink that offers people online the chance to donate even the smallest amounts of change to charities of their choice – simply and easily. The approach is like putting those spare pennies into a piggy bank. As we all know these all mount up quickly! And the site has already been quite successful.

Our own charity fundraising service takes a similar approach, giving people the chance to play an online game of raffle for small amounts of money which in turn goes towards a particular charity or good cause. Through small spends to enjoy a fun interactive game, people are more likely to take part, come back to play again and spread the words to others to have a go. Enabling people to have fun while contributing to a good cause for little individual financial outlay is a powerful draw – it can also generate substantial funds over a period of time.

Another reason for the success of this micro-fundraising approach can be summed up by the quote from Martin Luther King, “the fierce urgency of now”. This quote was used right from the beginning of the Obama election campaign – yet another successful use of social media to raise awareness of a cause and to rally support. Although for a rather different type of cause the approach was the same, as individuals were inspired to contribute in a small way within a short, defined timeframe in order to play a part in a larger campaign.

Being able to give a little is a good way to encourage people to take part, while still helping them to feel good about what they are doing. This inspires others to do the same as well as enabling individuals to repeat the activity. All of which helps to raise funds quickly and effectively

Thinking big is always good and the long-term goals of any organisation should be viewed with the larger scale picture in mind, but especially when it comes to fundraising for good causes. What must not be forgotten or overlooked though is that activities on the micro scale can quickly add up! Look at the example of Kiva – who encourage microfinance. They offer ‘loans which change lives’ by allowing you to lend money to entrepreneurs in the third world who would not usually be able to secure investment. You can lend just $25 at a time to help them develop their business. Opportunity International is another charity encouraging microfinance and explain it well using this video.

So never forget, every penny really does help. We now have the tools with social media to really encourage everyone to give a little, rather than the typical large scale operations only affordable to those charities with the most donations.

Article originally at Because It’s Good

Countdown to cure for digital disorganization disease being previewed at SXSW 2010

- previewing ‘DAD’ at SXSW, Austin, Texas, March 12–16, 2010 -

Surrey, UK, March 9, 2010: With the amount of digital data increasing tenfold every five years[1], keeping control of your digital life has become a troubling disorder. ‘DAD’ ( is a new application that will organize all elements of your digital life simply and effectively and will be previewed at South by Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, Texas this month.

Facebook alone currently contains 40 billion photos and people around the world are grappling with the distressing challenge of accessing, sharing and storing images, music, documents and contact details on- and off-line. The danger is that we have sub-sets of our data everywhere, but nowhere to find it all – creating a syndrome of data disorganization.

However, a cure to this disorder is on the horizon: the DAD application will translate most metadata formats, enabling images, music, contact details, content from social networking sites and document files to be stored in a single DAD index. This index can then be used to manage, share, connect and reuse your digital ‘stuff’ simply and in an open form for all applications rather than another proprietary format. DAD promises to be as revolutionary to digital organization as the Dewey system was to libraries.

Julian Ranger founder of DAD comments: “We believe DAD is the cure for today’s digital disorganization disorder and we’re really excited about attending SXSW 2010 to share how DAD will be able to tackle what is becoming a 21st Century disease.”

Julian Ranger continues: “From busy parents through to silver surfers and students, we are all suffering from digital disorganization and the problem is only set to continue as the range of social networking and online content sources grows.”

DAD functions will include:

- Full media index and organizer

- Transferable index and easy secure sharing

- Smart search (using metadata)

- Organization, linking and sharing of all digital data

- Open API for third party developers to leverage universal DAD index.

DAD will be available from June this year for an initial free month trial, but then will cost from as little as $3.76 (£2.49) per month. A free ‘lite’ version will also be made available, offering core functionality.

Julian Ranger and Pascal Wheeler from DAD will be available throughout SXSW Interactive and are keen to hear from angel investors, entrepreneurs, as well as developers to discuss opportunities for them to utilize the DAD API.

Julian Ranger: @rangerj

Pascal Wheeler: @pascalw

Editors Notes:

Media contact Information:

Toni O’Sullivan, @toni_jane 01252 899 969

DAD ( is a new application currently in development and is supported by iBundle, an innovation hub based in the UK.

Julian Ranger – has been an angel investor since 2007 and an entrepreneur since he formed his first business – STASYS. Julian grew STASYS to a £17m+ business with 230 staff with subsidiaries in the US, Australia and Germany before selling it to Lockheed Martin in 2005. Today, Julian heads up an innovation hub called iBundle where he invites start-up entrepreneurs who are looking for backing and advice to contact him.

Pascal Wheeler – has been fortunate enough to have played with Internet based tools for just over a decade. Most recently known for giving the humble raffle a hearty injection of Internet goodness with, Pascal started his cyber journey by building a location based price comparison site for the independent IT sector. Pascal is iBundle’s Director of Creativity.

[1] The Economist – February 27, 2010

Twestival is back! Farnham Castle, 25th March

We’re over the moon to be supporting Surrey’s very first Twestival being held at the historic Farnham Castle in aid of international charity, Concern Worldwide. It’s set to be an amazing evening, all thanks to the amazing efforts of PR agency, thebluedoor.

Twestival takes place on the 25th March 2010 and will be celebrated not just in Farnham, Surrey, but in towns and cities across the world, from Dundee to Honolulu. Organised and inspired by the power of Twitter and digital media, the event’s aim is to raise money and awareness for Concern Worldwide with the theme ‘Everyone in the World Deserves an Education’.

Our chairman, Julian Ranger, explained why he is delighted to be supporting Farnham’s first Twestival.

“iBundle is all about supporting great ventures of which Twestival is one. We love the way modern technology is changing the present and the future. It’s great that iBundle and thebluedoor are working together to bring modern communications to a wider audience for such a good cause. iBundle’s platform is used by charities to raise funds in the UK, so it is fitting we have been given the chance to sponsor the event.”

Farnham’s Twestival will be a ticketed event with 100 per cent of the proceeds going directly to Concern Worldwide’s educational programs. In these hard-pushed times, organisers have set a ticket price range, from a minimum donation of £10 up to a maximum donation of £30, allowing participants to purchase a ticket depending on how much they can afford to give. Tickets are available from the Farnham Twestival website.

Be part of something amazing.

Survey Competition Winner

Many thanks to all of you for taking the time to share how you use computers in your homes. Your feedback has been most useful.

Congratulations go to Jenny for bagging the iPod. What colour should she go for?

iPod nano

It’s Surrey Tweet Up time and we’re buying

Farnham Town HallIf you’re near Farnham on the 3rd of February at 7pm swing by the Slug & Lettuce and join us for our second tweet up. Very informal and all are welcome – just remember to bring your @ name.

We’re proudly supporting our PR company, The Blue Door who are the organisers of this regular meet up.

Our lot will be out in force ready to talk about the various projects we’re backing .., SocialSafe, MiFiction and DAD.

Follow @surreytweetup for now and we’re all looking forward to seeing you on the 3rd.

@pascalw, @rangerj, @rachela8, @georgelmoore

If you think you might come along please email us or use the comments below. Is a regular tweet up in Farnham a good idea?

A Day In The Internet .. Awesome Poster

Very powerful graphic that goes some way into explaining just how much goes on in any one day. (via OnlineEducation)

theinternetisbig : Tag yourself in their Advent Competition to win


Using Facebook, are running a viral competition to help raise the profile of their partner charities raffle sites. Fans simply tag themselves in each day’s photo and one will be chosen at random to receive a £10 Gift Voucher.

The act of tagging yourself in a photo pushes that photo (in most cases) to your Wall, meaning that it appears in your friends feeds.

It is early days but there’s been a big increase in the number of fans of and each winner has gone on to use their voucher.

Still here? What are you waiting for? Tag yourself in today’s photo now!